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Terren: The coolest electric all-terrain multi-purpose vehicle in the world.

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Three friends from eastern Switzerland are developing an electric all-terrain multipurpose vehicle for municipal services and agriculture.
The prototype is to be completed as early as this spring.
With a world record attempt on a Chilean volcano (6,893 meters high), the team wants to prove the performance of the e-mobile next winter.

From the buggy to the "Terren electric drive system"

As children they dammed streams and built huts, as teenagers they welded together gasoline-powered buggies, as adults the tinkerers now dream of the technical revolution. "Our goal is to develop electric mobility," says David Pröschel. "We thought about where the advantages of electromobility could be implemented best and fastest, and where the cost/benefit factor is balanced." The solution seemed to be to develop a slow vehicle (drag and noise factors) that could be in use for several hours a day (payback factor), not travel long distances (battery power factor) and be easily recharged. It became clear that an all-terrain multipurpose vehicle would combine all of these advantages. "If this were used in a mountainous region, we would also have the advantage that almost half of the energy could be recovered each time we drove downhill," Pröschel says. The idea of the "Terren electric drive system" was born. The novel electric drive system meets the special requirements of commercial vehicles. Both new and existing vehicles can be equipped with it.

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