What are the goals of Impact Gstaad?

With its projects, Impact Gstaad aims to have a measurable impact on the sustainability strategy within the destination of Gstaad and, as an ambitious impact investing hub, to connect influential locals and guests with sustainability visionaries.

Impact Gstaad initiates, develops and accompanies local sustainability projects, implements its own flagship projects and connects curated international sustainability visionaries with global impact with potential investors. This is done with the aim of making a measurable contribution to both a sustainable Gstaad and a sustainable world ("From little Gstaad to the big world"). This goal is based on two principles:

Own action

We don't just talk about change, we are an active part of it ourselves. With local projects and our own flagship projects, we become sustainability visionaries ourselves, together with regional partners from the Destination Gstaad. In doing so, we become credible as an organization, act in line with the destination strategy and have the opportunity to involve the (local) population and perceive and document the direct impact of our actions.

Triggering action

With the Impact Circle Events and the Impact Forum, we offer sustainability visionaries the opportunity to present their products, projects, ideas and visions to potential investors or donors.

Why Gstaad?


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