First Impact Circle Event of the year

Time for change

Electrifying solutions

In keeping with the current focus topic of "energy transition", the Impact Circle Event was all about electrification. Scientists discussed renewable energies and the hurdles on the way to a sustainable society together with politicians and financial experts. Innovative tinkerers impressed with their forward-looking solutions and generated lively interest among those present. For example, Christian Ochsenbein, Head of Swiss Battery Technology Center, gave an insight into the future of battery technology, while Dr. Marc Henning Diekmann, with his company Litricity, presented a completely new form of energy storage. With Peak Evolution and Revive, two companies presented converted vehicles. Peak Evolution is aiming for a world height record with an electrified Aebi transporter. Revive converts vintage cars with combustion engines into electric vehicles.

Solar energy from the Saanenland

A pioneer honours Gstaad

Livestream recording, Impact Circle Event

Trailer Impact Circle Event 10 February 2023

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