A look behind the scenes of Impact Gstaad

This is how the new board of the Impact Gstaad Association is composed

  • Manuel Linder, Presidency
    Manuel Linder, the former curator of Impact Circle Events, will be responsible for the leadership and coordination of the board and the operational activities as president of the Impact Gstaad Association in the future, as well as supporting the development of the Impact Gstaad ecosystem.

  • Elisa Oppermann, Impact Circle
    Elisa Oppermann grew up in Saanen and maintains good connections with the educational institutions Le Rosey and John F. Kennedy International School. On the board of Impact Gstaad she accompanies the development of the Impact Circle.

  • Chantal Reichenbach, Events
    Born in Lauen, Chantal Reichenbach was one of the founding members of Impact Gstaad. She works as a videographer in the communication agency Up to you in Western Switzerland and will support Impact Gstaad in event planning and implementation.

  • Linda Bach, Projects
    Growing up in a farming family in Feutersoey, Linda Bach is actively involved in the expansion of renewable energies for IWB (Industrielle Werke Basel) with her local as well as international work experience. As an expert in decarbonization of energy supply, she will assist Impact Gstaad in the development and implementation of concrete projects.

  • David Perreten, Local Stakeholder Management
    David Perreten, an organic farmer from Gstaad, is president of the Saanenland Agricultural Association and will support Impact Gstaad especially in the exchange with local stakeholders.

  • Livia Michel, Legal/Business
    Livia Michel works as a lawyer in the business law firm Kellerhals Carrard and grew up in Gstaad. She advises Impact Gstaad in legal matters and reviews partner activities for value conformity and compliance with the framework.

  • Anita Raaflaub, Communication
    The PR, marketing and communication expert Anita Raaflaub was born in Saanenland and has more than 20 years of experience in the media and tourism industry. She is currently working as Head of Communications Sustainability at Swisscom and will support Impact Gstaad in all communicative matters.

  • Ana de Moura, Finance Chair
    Ana de Moura from Gstaad works as a certified auditor at T&R Oberland AG in Gstaad. As a financial expert, she will review the financial accounting for Impact Gstaad, is responsible for monitoring the finances and will advise the organisation on financial matters.

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