On September 10, 2021, the third and also last Credit Suisse Impact Investing Event took place in Gstaad. From next year, the Impact Gstaad Association will take over the networking of investors with global sustainability projects.

In 2019, the major bank Credit Suisse created its Impact Investing Event in Gstaad, a sustainable vehicle to promote projects and initiatives that generate a good financial return while having a positive impact on society and the environment. The annual event attracted great interest not only from leading business representatives, but from Gstaad guests as well, who were invited to the conferences as potential investors.

Reorientation through Impact Gstaad
In order to focus even more consistently on impact investing opportunities and also to promote sustainable location development, Credit Suisse and the destination of Gstaad decided to hand over the responsibility for organizing impact investing events to the Impact Gstaad Association. Credit Suisse will be withdrawing operationally as an organizer, but Impact Gstaad will continue to be a strong partner in the future.

Manuel Blanco, Head of Private Banking at Credit Suisse in Gstaad and initiator of the Impact Investing Events, emphasizes: "By handing over our event series to the Impact Gstaad Association, we are jointly taking the topic of sustainability to the next level. We at Credit Suisse in Gstaad are proud to have laid the foundation for this important step. This will enable us to continue to take excellent account of our clients' growing need for professional exchange on sustainable investment opportunities in the future."